Even EMPATHY requires PRUDENCE #iQuote

There is so much content that repeats often around the web on the topic of Empathy.

Empathy certainly is essential to take humanity forward. But, even EMPATHY calls for PRUDENCE.

Why is that the case?

Let us see this quote with this thinking humor.

A driver was constantly complaining that being a good Samaritan, and an empathetic person did not get the appreciation that he deserved. When asked why he is saying so?

He mentioned that he lost his job by giving away his driver's seat to a blind person.

Note: Please don't confuse this blindness with that of a visually impaired individual, who figured out a way to navigate this world even with this challenge for no fault of that person.

The blind here represents those blind to people who helped them, and never value the contributions and support that they received in the past. There is a high likelihood that these individuals would misconstrue empathy for naivete, and unsophistication.

In the same way, misunderstanding foolishness for empathy, as in the case of this driver, should be avoided.