Topic of Focus: Comparison

Topic of Focus: Comparison

When to compare, and When not to?


Wisdom through Humor

The gif below presents an interesting example of times when it is better not to compare.


What wise sayings are out there?

"Have more than you show, & speak less than you know" - Credited to Shakespeare

"A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms" - Zen Shin

"You would not worry so much about what others think of you, if you realized how seldom they do" - Eleanor Roosevelt

"If comparison is the thief of joy, then our culture is being robbed blind" - Jon Foreman


When Comparison is necessary?

Given below are quotes of Alexander Dumas & Franck Crick that shows when comparison is necessary.

One is when we need to determine or extract useful information from what is known, as is the case for studying genomic sequence.

The other time would be, when we compare the crests and troughs that we go through in life to learn, and become a better person.


What other perspectives are out there?

"Comparison is an act of violence against the self" - this need not be the case always as presented above

"Comparison with myself brings improvement, comparison with others bring discontent" - Bettie Jamie Chung



This perspective aligns more with Chung's. Where I beg to differ is the point where comparing with others need not always bring discontent.

For example, trying to emulate a right role model, and trying to achieve to that extent or more need not bring discontent, if the intent and actions are right, even if the person could not achieve to that level in the end.

Where it will bring discontent?

Spending excessive time in professional networks as some do, and finding out that someone else is at a better position than you, though you believe that you are more qualified than that person.


iPerspective Quote:

Comparing and Competing with one self provides opportunity for progress

Connecting with nature enhances the potential for that progress - Dr. SSK